Crimes against international students in Australia: 2005-09
Crimes against international students in Australia: 2005-09
Jacqueline Joudo Larsen, Jason Payne and Adam Tomison
Australian Institute of Criminology
ISBN: 9781921532894

In 2009 and 2010, a series of media reports of crimes against Indian international students led to growing concern over the safety of international students in Australia.

This report represents the culmination of the AIC's research into crimes against international students. Using administrative and pre-existing survey data sources, detailed findings are provided from what is the most comprehensive student victimisation study conducted to date, based on an analysis of DIAC international student visa records for more than 400,000 students matched with police crime victimisation records.

While this research has not answered the question of whether attacks against overseas students are racially motivated, the findings from this research do shed light on some of the factors that influence the risk or likelihood of overseas students experiencing crime and therefore provides some direction for crime prevention efforts to reduce the risk of crime for this population.