Count Your Dead
Count Your Dead
John Rowe
Classic Australian Works
ISBN: 9780975086049

Count Your Dead (1968) is a powerful indictment of US involvement in the war in Vietnam. The recounts of manoeuvres and engagements and military strategy are particularly strong. The story follows the fortunes of an American officer, Bill Morgan, who is transferred to civil affairs work and finds himself at odds with combat officers and ultimately disillusioned with his country's conduct of the war. The book emphasizes senseless destruction in the Vietnam conflict.

John Rowe is a professional writer and has published six novels. He has also written a history of the Vietnam War titled: Vietnam, the Australian Experience, published by Time Life. A graduate of the Australian Military Academy, Duntroon, he was a professional army officer for 15 years. After leaving the Australian Army in 1968, John Rowe combined writing with business. He is now retired from business, but continues to write. His current projects are a film script and a book of poetry.