A Difficult Young Man
A Difficult Young Man
Martin Boyd
Classic Australian Works
ISBN: 9781920897086

A Difficult Young Man (1955) charts the complex personal relationships in an upper middle class Anglo-Australian family. It won the Australian Literature Society Gold Medal in 1956. Along with three other novels, The Cardboard Crown (1952) (also in Classic Australian Works), Outbreak of Love (1957), and When Blackbirds Sing (1962), is part what is now known as the "Langton Quartet". These novels follow the fortunes of the Langton family in England and Australia for nearly a century.

Martin Boyd was born in 1893 in Lucerne, Switzerland during one of the periodic trips his artist parents made to England and Europe. During World War I, Martin served in the Royal Flying Corps and was profoundly affected by his war experiences. He was awarded the Australian Literature Society Gold Medal in 1956 for A Difficult Young Man. Martin Boyd died in Rome, Italy, 1972, where he had lived for the previous fifteen years.