General practice activity in Australia 2012-13. General
practice series no.33
General practice activity in Australia 2012-13. General practice series no.33
Britt H, Miller GC, Henderson J, Bayram C, Valenti L, Harrison C, Charles J, Pan Y, Zhang C, Pollack AJ, O'Halloran J
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781743323779

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The book provides a summary of results from the 15th year of the BEACH program, a continuing national study of general practice activity in Australia.

From April 2012 to March 2013, 978 general practitioners recorded details about 97,800 GP-patient encounters, at which patients presented 152,278 reasons for encounter and 152,517 problems were managed. For an 'average' 100 problems managed, GPs recorded: 66 medications (including 54 prescribed, six supplied to the patient and six advised for over-the-counter purchase); 11 procedures; 24 clinical treatments (advice and counselling); six referrals to specialists and three to allied health services; orders for 30 pathology tests and seven imaging tests.

A subsample study of more than 31,000 patients suggests prevalence of the following measured risk factors in the attending adult (18 years and over) patient population: obesity - 26%; overweight - 34%; daily smoking - 17%; at-risk alcohol consumption - 27%. One in four people in the attending population had at least two of these risk factors.

A companion publication, A decade of Australian general practice activity 2003-04 to 2012-13 is also available.

This book is available open access.

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