Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Communicated Disease
Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Communicated Disease
Simon Chapman and Fiona Crichton
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781743324967

Coming in December

The introduction of new technology has a long history of being accompanied by beliefs that take root among small proportions of the population who believe that rapidly proliferating inventions are silently eroding people's health. People's lives can be significantly adversely impacted when they become preoccupied by erroneous beliefs. But when such personal irrationalities become championed by those in power like politicians and sections of the news media, it is not just the irrational whose lives can be affected. If those opposed to wind energy were to succeed in greatly inhibiting the roll out of wind farms in Australia and the handful of other nations where wind farm opposition has occurred, the speed with which we could meet climate change amelioration targets could be greatly compromised.

The book's main focus is on the claims that wind turbines are the direct cause of illness in some of those exposed to them.

About the authors

Simon Chapman is professor emeritus of public health at the University of Sydney.

Fiona Crichton recently completed her PhD in psychological medicine at the University of Auckland.

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