Globalisation, the State and Regional Australia
Globalisation, the State and Regional Australia
Amanda Walsh
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781743325568

‘If we are to understand global capital, neoliberalism and the state in meaningful ways, we must understand them as they operate in, and on, particular places and people.’ Amanda Walsh

Globalisation is an inescapable term in the 21st century, but its real meaning is often difficult to pin down. Globalisation, the State and Regional Australia sheds new light on the political and economic implications of globalisation by examining the lived experience of a particular region: the Shoalhaven area of New South Wales, where two iconic Australian industries - dairying and manufacturing - struggled to survive in the face of global competition.

Drilling down through layers of theory, policy and politics, Amanda Walsh surveys how globalisation has played out in regional Australia. Using industry case studies, she explores how decisions made at a national level have affected regional communities, and considers the role of the state in promoting and mediating globalising forces.

About the author

Amanda Walsh is associate director of government relations at Australian Catholic University, Canberra.

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