Limits of Location: Creating a Colony
Limits of Location: Creating a Colony
Edited by Gretchen Poiner and Sybil Jack
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920898533

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255 pages, 65 illustrations

In 1826, partly as a means of curbing disorder and brutality in bush living, Governor Darling established the area known as the 'limits of location' within which colonists could see land grants, but beyond which they could not. The line on the map, however, presented no real restraint.

The contributors to this book reveal different approaches to creating a colony. Using the rich collections of the Mitchell Library, the authors go beyond the traditional sources of history, highlighting the personal stories revealed through family letters, and creative interaction with the landscape through poetry and drawings. The roles of Aborigines, missionaries, women and migrant workers are explored, and all stories return to the way the newcomers created a sense of place as they settled in this new world.

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