Future directions in literacy: International conversations 2007
Future directions in literacy: International conversations 2007
Edited by Alyson Simpson
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920898779

Selected, edited papers from the conference in September 2007.

The link between research and practice has never been more significant as global awareness about literacy pushes us to question the success of programs in schools. National reports on literacy were challenged during the conference. Grounded evidence was given of literacy programs that work to make a difference for groups with diverse needs. The collection of ideas in the conference represents a broad concept of literacy that includes the ability to communicate in multimodal, digital texts and values creativity alongside testing for skills. Classroom based research from the sum of these perspectives presents significant reason for change to practice and policy.

To make a difference to future generations of students, we need to take the research out of the classroom and make it the centre of informed debate. This publication is a step towards achieving that goal.

This book is available open access.