Expanding peace journalism: comparative and critical approaches
Expanding peace journalism: comparative and critical approaches
Edited by Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, Jake Lynch and Robert A. Hackett
Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920899707

Expanding peace journalism: comparative and critical approaches draws together cutting-edge contributions from 17 international writers to this rapidly emerging field of research. Media coverage of conflicts is propagandistic and commonly portrays two elite actors contesting a single goal of 'victory'. This major new text explores and interrogates peace journalism as a significant challenge to this hegemonic discourse, which has been advocated and elaborated over the recent years in journalism, media development and academic spheres.

Expanding peace journalism traces boundaries and links with the adjacent fields including alternative media, social movement activism and media democratisation. It includes case studies - from the media of countries including Australia, Canada, Guatemala, India, Nigeria, Norway, Sweden and the US - and explores connections with human rights, as well as Indigenous and women's rights activism.

The problem some 50 years ago was what criteria an event had to meet to qualify as news ... When the news represents a distorted world image, the distortions are worth knowing. This book, so rich in content, is a testimony to the need for empirical, critical and constructive scrutiny of media. Each chapter opens a new window, a new angle; all of them important.

From the preface by Johan Galtung

This book is available open access.

About the editors

Ibrahim Seaga Shaw is senior lecturer in media and politics in the Department of Media, Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon Tyne. His research and teaching interests encompass democracy and media agenda-setting, peace journalism and global justice. He was previously a journalist and editor in Sierra Leone.

Jake Lynch is associate professor and director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney, and Secretary General of the International Peace Research Association. He was previously an international reporter, in print and broadcast media, and a newsreader for BBC World Television.

Robert A Hackett is professor of communication at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, co-director of NewsWatch Canada, and co-founder of the (Canadian) Campaign for Democratic Media. He has written extensively on journalism, political communication and media representation.