Inspired children: how the leading minds of today raise their kids
Inspired children: how the leading minds of today raise their kids
Edited by Dr Rosina McAlpine
Darlington Press
ISBN: 9781921364181

Parents naturally love and care for their children, but parenting requires more than just love. Informed parenting requires knowledge and understanding of the changing physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual development of children as they grow into young adults. Wouldn't it be so much easier for parents if we could base our most important decisions on scientific evidence, rather than by trial and error or other people's opinions? Wouldn't an approach that combined love, experience and the latest research help parents to feel more confident and provide better outcomes for our children?

Inspired children does just that by turning the science of child development into the art of parenting. Contributors to this book are some of the world leaders in areas of genetics, neuroscience, personal development and psychology. Each expert author discusses the latest research on child development from preconception right through to teen years in an easy-to-read form, and shares how they have used the findings to support their child's development. With lots of practical examples and heart-warming personal stories, the book is a valuable resource for early childhood educators, teachers, child psychologists, carers, grandparents, and anyone who works with children. A must read for every parent who wants to raise an inspired child.

About the editor

Dr Rosina McAlpine is an internationally recognised educator and researcher with four teaching awards and five best paper awards. She's developed practical and innovative approaches to parenting, including the Inspired Children program empowering parents to help their children develop key life skills like good self-esteem, communication skills, and resilience.


Foreword by Professor Andrew Martin
About the authors
Introduction by Dr Rosina McAlpine

  1. Preparing for parenthood by Bruce H. Lipton, PhD
  2. Managing stress during pregnancy by Dr Monique Robinson
  3. Raising healthy and happy babies by Janette Roberts
  4. Preparing children for life by Dr Rosina McAlpine
  5. Supporting emotional intelligence in children by Dr Joe Dispenza
  6. Parenting psychologically healthy children by Michael Hall, PhD
  7. Helping children to manage stress by Maggie Dent
  8. Helping children develop a positive relationship with life by Dr Rosina McAlpine based on an interview with Dr Joe Dispenza
  9. Inspiring children to achieve goals by Sandy Forster
  10. Learning partnerships with children by Dr Yvonne Sum


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