Veterinary Research at the University of Sydney: The First Century
Veterinary Research at the University of Sydney: The First Century
Edited by John Egerton
The University of Sydney
ISBN: 9781742103945


At the time of European colonisation of Australia, veterinary medicine was a young profession, and there was little money or time for it. Even by 1910, when the University of Sydney enrolled its first veterinary science undergraduates, there were only about 75 qualified veterinary surgeons in the country. Veterinary Research at the University of Sydney: The First Century charts the remarkable expansion that occurred over the subsequent hundred years.

In the beginning, veterinary science in Australia focused on problems of agriculture, and university researchers played their part in keeping livestock healthy and productive. Over the course of the 20th century this focus expanded, with veterinary scientists producing original research on companion animals and wildlife species, while continuing to investigate farm animal topics. This research improved the lives of animals, and of humans: veterinary science has contributed to our understanding of a range of human medical issues including genetic disorders, skin cancer, infertility, infections, infestations and immunity.

Told by the scholars themselves, Veterinary Research at the University of Sydney offers an engaging first-hand account of collaboration, innovation, creativity and persistence.

Reviews of Veterinary Research at the University of Sydney

“[The book] is a valuable source of information and inspiration for Australian and international veterinary researchers, and for people generally interested in scientific advances. … Veterinary alumni in general have a document detailing the development of veterinary research and knowledge from the time since their graduation. … veterinary research is still contributing ‘to the solution of animal health, welfare, conservation and problems worldwide’.”
 —Andrew Turner, Historical Records of Australian Science, 2017

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